The design and manufacture equipment for molding (the mold is completed in the factory from design to finish.)
1.After 3D solid model is established, the 3D soild model is transferred to the NC program for the molding machine (to shorten the development time).
2. Electric Discharge Machine, used to quickly recover the surface that is mended or to carve the part that the tool cannot reach.
3. the manufacture of the molding for the forging mold
Die (Engineering) Dept. Equipment List:
Die Shop Equipment Quantity Type or Specification
HIGH SPEED MACHINING CENTER 1 Topper High Speed Carving Machine High Speed Computer Control Milling Machine
CNC M/C 1 DL1350 Computer Control Milling Machine
CNC M/C 1 V80
CNC M/C 1 V140
5# Milling Machine 1 DL-V1600 Milling Machine
2# Milling Machine 2 DL-G2200
2# Milling Machine 1 YCM-2G
Copying Milling Machine 1 FS130KO
Lathe 1 TK-430 Lathe
Lathe 1 TK-740
Argon Arc Welding 1 DT-NP2
Argon Arc Welding 1 3C1
Band Sawing Machine 1 YL-310
A/C Arc Welding Machine 1 TC-250
Electric Spark Machine 2 DM-540 Electric Spark Machine
Electric Spark Machine 2 DM-408
Electric Spark Machine 2 E-75
Radial Drilling Machine 1 RD-1250 Radial Drilling Machine
E. D. M. (Electrical Discharge Machine) 3 Electrical Discharge Machine
1.Major Forging Equipment:3Ton Air Hammer Forging Machine
Production Dept. Equipment List (Taiwan): 
Production Equipment Quantity Type or Specification
Air Hammer Forging Machine 3 ton
Air Hammer Forging Machine 2 1.3 ton
Press 1 300 ton
Press 1 150 ton
Press 3 100 ton
Press 1 75 ton
Press 4 60 ton
Press 1 50 ton
Press 1 40 ton
Press 2 30 ton
Press 1 20 ton
Rolling Press 2 10 in
Rolling Press 1 14 in
High Frequency Industion Heater 1 800 kw
High-Frequency Induction Furnance 1 600 kw
High-Frequency Induction Furnance 1 500 kw
Screw Compressor 1 WN-112
Screw Compressor 1 SCE-146
Friction Press摩擦沖床 1 250 ton
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